Eat Out To Help Out – at Fabios

We are part of the government Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

The scheme is available on Monday to Wednesday in August this year, 2020. You get 50% off per person for your bill consisting of meal and non-alcoholic drinks, or a maximum of £10 per person.

Expenditure that is eligible for the discount

The discount can be applied to food and/or non-alcoholic drink purchased for immediate consumption on premises, up to a maximum discount of £10 per diner (inclusive of VAT).

This includes soft drinks and/or packaged snacks, as long as they are for immediate consumption on the premises.

There is no minimum spend requirement.

Applying the £10 per person cap to a single bill

Where there is more than one diner on a single bill, the cap does not need to be calculated for each individual diner based on their specific orders. Instead, the discount that is applied to the overall bill would be capped at the number of diners multiplied by £10.

Example of applying the cap to a £60 bill

A group of four diners (2 adults and 2 children) spend £60, including £10 on alcoholic beverages.

Total Bill before discount£60.00
Amount spent on alcohol£10.00
Amount that discount can be applied to£50.00
Discount to customers (50% of 50)£25.00
Bill after discount is applied ( to be paid by customer)£35.00

The total discount is £25, which is £6.25 per diner and is below the £10 per diner cap.

Example of applying a discount without the £10 cap

One person dines at your establishment and the total bill is £4. No alcohol is purchased.  

Total Bill£7
Uncapped discount to customers (50% of 7)£3.50
Bill after discount is applied£3.50

The £10 per diner cap does not apply to this claim.  

Example of applying the discount to a £50 bill

A group of 4 diners have a bill of £50 which includes £8 on alcoholic beverages. This means that the scheme only applies to £42 of the overall bill. 

Bill before discount£50
Amount spent on alcohol£8
Amount that the discount can be applied to£42
Uncapped discount to customers (50% of 42)£21
Bill after discount is applied£29

The amount we will claim from goverment is £21.

The £10 per diner cap not apply to this claim.