from us @ Fabios


To our dear Queen, we raise a toast

In celebration of your Platinum Jubilee!

For 70 long years, you’ve served us well,

Through thick and thin, through good and bad.

You’ve been the rock that this nation clings to

In times of trouble and in times of joy.

She walks with grace and dignity,

Her head held high, her shoulders back.

In times of joy and sorrow, she is a rock;

A symbol of stability in an ever-changing world.

The most admirable Monarch, who has served so well;

Her Majesty The Queen, we salute you!

Your Majesty, we are so grateful,

For all that you have done for us.

You’ve been a source of strength and comfort,

And we will always be loyal to you.

May God bless you and keep you safe,

As you continue to serve our great nation.

Happy Platinum Jubilee!

Long may you reign over us!

God Save The Queen!

Buon Giubileo di Platino! Sua Maestà, La Regina

Congratulations from us all @ Fabios Swindon